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"The success of our missions will be measured by the smile of the people we help, the generosity of our sponsors and the opportunities to return again to offer our services, and be challenged and changed by them."

View a slideshow of our 4th trip to Taisha, Ecuador — July 2010


The mission of OHH is above all and foremost a humanitarian mission.

OHH recognizes the tremendous health care needs and specifically surgical needs of the poor, especially children, who live in devastating conditions in developing countries where basic medical care is mostly non-existent. 

All missions are carried out in the humanitarian spirit of service and compassion. All missions are supported by the generosity of special people and organizations in our community who carry and foster that same spirit. How you can help

  • Offering basic medical, surgical and nursing care to specific areas in the developing countries where such services are lacking and specifically solicited.

  • Fostering long-standing relationships with the local people of the recipient countries where the mission projects are carried out.

  • Involvement of medical and nursing students in the missions in order to plant the seed of service early on in their training.
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